Definition Of Long tail keywords

Definition Of Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords that are more specific and have a lower search volume. They often have less competition, which means they are easier to rank for on Google. Because of their specificity, they are also more relevant to the user at the time of searching.

The term originates from an e-commerce strategy wherein less popular products with higher profits per unit area are placed in the back of the store, while popular items with low profit per unit area are placed in more prominent areas.

Important Of Long tail keywords

The long tail keyword strategy is an important SEO concept that can help you rank higher in Google. Essentially, the long tail keyword strategy is about targeting specific keywords that are less competitive than general keywords.

If you are looking for information on how to optimize your website for Google, you will want to read this section of the article.

Types Of A Long tail keywords:

A long tail keyword is a less popular word or phrase that has a lower volume of searches than more popular keywords.

A long-tail keyword is a way for marketers to target their desired audience with less competition.

A long-tail keyword is also known as the “long tail”.

The term “long tail” comes from the graph in which it appears in and how it stretches out in comparison to “head”, which represents keywords with high search volume.

A smaller percentage of the population searches for these more obscure terms, so they can be easier to rank on search engines and generate more traffic for websites.

Long-tail keywords are mostly used by companies that sell products such as clothing, shoes, and sunglasses. They may seem like minor players when compared with terms

How To Use Long tail keywords:

Long tail keywords are generally lower competition and higher conversion. It is important to choose these keywords so that the user spends more time on your page and browse through other content on your website.

These keywords can be either cold or warm. A cold long tail keyword is a new topic that you want to cover for your website. On the other hand, a warm long tail keyword is an existing topic that you want to cover in more depth.

To find out which kind of long tail keywords match your needs, you should do keyword research by looking at what people are searching for in Google or YouTube/Facebook search results. You can also conduct a survey among your customers and ask them about their preferences in terms of the content they would like to see on your website.


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